Coil Cutting Plates

Cutting Platform

Coil-Cutting-Plates Equipment Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Italy FIMI, Italy GUIDA, Italy VIGANO, Italy NOVA, South Korea Da-hyun

Available Width 100-2200mm Available Thickness 0.25-25.4mm Available Length 300-16500mm (Single Sheet Discharge MAX>20m) Machinging Capacity Thickness<10mm, Max Yield Strength≈1400Mpa
Thickness 10~15mm, Max Yield Strength≈1100Mpa
Thickness 16mm~25mm, Max Yield Strength≈500Mpa
Diagonal Length≤2000mm, Tolerance 0~1.0mm Flatness ≤0.1mm/2m
Available to Eliminate 75% of Board Surface Defects

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